Herbicide Treatments Based in Dewey-Humboldt & Prescott, AZ

Invasive species herbicide treatment is a proactive way to reduce hazardous fuels that could potential start wild fires in sensitive and protected areas. The target species are Buffel and Fountain grasses which have invaded most of southern Arizona. First planted as an ornament these grasses have spread and have almost taken over many areas on the Coronado National Forest and State Parks in the same area.

Green Buffel & Fountain grass grows up rapidly after rain events and also browns rapidly after rains cease, leaving behind a field of hot burning fuel for a fire. By applying glysophate directly to these grasses in the growing season we are making an attempt to eradicate their production. This may prove challenging because these grasses have gone for many years without treatment and have almost gotten out of control, the environment is very rough, remote and arid, making it almost physically impossible to treat in some areas by hand or by way of livestock.